This interdenominational Camp is unique because of its method of government. The board members are the camp staff. Members from various evangelical churches in Saskatoon, they use personal holiday time to direct, cook, and maintain the facilities.  Yes, you heard right. There are no paid staff. Just board members and supporters of the camp who, because of their belief in the possibilities of the mission statement of the camp, give sacrificially of their time to serve those who lead camps. If you have questions or are interested in supporting the camp we may be contacted by mail at NLCBC, Box 22048, PO Wildwood, Saskatoon, S7H 5P1or by email.

David Toth
Chairman of the Board
Agent HallMark Realty & Asscociates
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Dennis Letkeman
Vice Chairman, Bookings
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Stephen Gibbard
Treasurer, Secretary, Bookings

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George Boschman

Ben Clarke

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Robert Siemens


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Jonathan Tonn

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Rick McDonald

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Wayne Steppan

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