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Annual Canoe Trip - Equipment Lists
Base Camp
Suggested Items to Bring:
All packed in a water proof container
*Rain Gear *Sunglasses *Toothbrush
*Jacket *Bathing Suit *Toothpaste
*Hat *Water Bottle *Soap
*Towel *Insect Repellant *Bible
*Change of clothes x2 *Sunscreen *Notebook
*Sleeping Bag *Shoes to get wet *Pen
*Sleeping Clothes *Shoes to stay dry *Devotional Material
*Flashlight *Extra Socks*A Heart Eager to Meet the Lord
*Fishing Licenses and Fishing Gear

Canoe Trip

Remember, you will be carrying your own items over the portage trails. Make sure you pack light, and that you can carry everything on one trip. Lose that big tackle box, and get a small container to carry your leaders and special lures. Plan to dress in layers and not bring big thick jackets or sweaters. Ideal if you can pack or tie your sleeping bag inside or outside your pack. Two change of clothes is the maximum, plus one change you can leave at base camp to change to once we complete the trip. This list is only a suggestion.

*Pants that will dry quickly (army pants or any polyester/cotton material) 
(jeans are great for taking some rough wear but dry slowly and are heavy when wet)
*Shorts (not really recommended for trails but most of us will bring them anyway)
*Two pairs of old canvas sneakers or hiking shoes (sandals are not recommended)
*Sweater/Fleece Jacket (keyword = "layers" - don't bring one big jacket but bring enough cloth to slowing add or remove layers as you warm or cool)
*Bathing Suit *Sweat Pants *Rain Gear (top and bottoms)
*Belt *Socks (wool are warm when wet) *Sunhat (with brim)
*Cotton T-Shirt *Long Sleeve Shirt Personal Underclothes
*Biodegradable Soap/ Shampoo *Towel *Toothbrush
*Hair brush / Comb Nail Clippers *Dental Floss
*Lip Balm *Sunscreen *Good Insect Repellant
*Extra Pair of Eye Glasses *Sunglasses *Contact Solution / Case
*Bible *Flashlight (light is better) *Extra Garbage Bags (dirty clothes)
*Backpack with Clothes in Bag inside *Unbreakable Dish, Cup, Cutting Knife and Fork *Life Jacket (one will be provided in you don't own one)
*Fishing Gear and Small Container for Tackle (one you can stuff in your pack)
*An Expectant Heart to Meet the Lord